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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Final Epoxy Coat...

Another long day of sanding and getting a final coat of fairing epoxy down.... The good news is that My father in law came to help today and we got lots done...  The first thing we tried since he turned out to be small enough to fit into the main anchor locker, was to try to get the seized bolt off....  After a dozen atempts, we gave up... we will have to cut that thing off another day....

So Ed sanded all the epoxy from yesterday and I was able to follow him and get some final epoxy down...

We also got the dinghy davit brackets re-installed on the transom... I replaced the 1/4" backing plate with a bigger 1/2" backing plate... Then we sealed it into place with some 3M 5200 adhesive... This thing will never move!

When Shelley got home she shared her shopping score... A local stationary store has announced a few lost leaders for their "Back to School" sale...This whole pile of stuff for less than $40.... Why you ask?, Well we are beginning to amass a container full of things that we can give to people in the places we visit. Things like crayons and school supplies are scarce in many of the places we plan to visit... This stuff will definitely not go to waste...

Weather permitting, I hope to get the 2 part epoxy primer on the keel tomorrow... At the end of the week we will go to our mailbox and pick up the rest of the primer so we can paint this weekend....

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