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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Just When I Though I Was Done.....

Just when I thought I had the galley almost done, Shelley decided that the stone counters were really not what she wanted....  That meant another trip to Home Depot where we are now the proud owners of some new countertops...  The other day I spent the afternoon with a hammer and chisel removing the old counter top.

Later this week I hope that my carpenter friend, Jake can trim the new counters to the proper shape in his shop.  After that, I will have to seal the underside of the new countertops with epoxy.  Only then can they be installed and the sink and plumbing can be done....

Friday, December 16, 2011

Another Sucessful Day...

Today I got 4 speakers installed and the wires for them run.  I installed the new stereo that Shelley and I picked up at our mailbox, and worked out some of the measurements for the new sink....  Today I also finished the very last of the AC wiring!...  Now all I have to finish is the DC stuff....  It won't be too long before I can start putting some of the floor back in.....  That will be great!

Friday, December 9, 2011

The Galley is Looking Better

Today I was able to cross a few jobs off the list.  I also put most of the galley back together.  All we are waiting for is our new double sink to arrive and we can finish the galley completely. 

I have also finished about half a dozen of the wiring jobs on the list.  next week we will be going to our mailbox to pick up a bunch of stuff, including our new radio and the kitchen sink.  It was snowing all day but the propane heater seems to be working well.  I was able to work with just a t-shirt on inside today.