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Sunday, July 1, 2018

Happy Canada Day!

As we begin our 5th year of our journey, we are so proud of country and grateful for the life we live...  As Canadians, we live a priviledged life and as we travel the world, we never forget this gift.  Thank you to all the great people we have come to know along our journey...  From every corner of the world, we know we are more alike than different....

We come to the end of our time in Canada next weekend.  Our last few weeks we have been super busy, but very productive....  We have seen doctors, lawyers, bankers and friends.  We looked after some important jobs while home, and spent a small fortune stocking up on all kinds of treasures that we will take back to the boat...

We have driven more kilometers in our rental car in the last few weeks, than we have driven over the last 4 years of cruising...  I have to admit, I don't miss driving...  Around here it is a real chore...  Busy roads and frustrated drivers make for some long days.

Shelley's good friend, Dana flew all the way from Texas to spend time with us (her).  I think we (they) had a really good time!

We also got to spend time with other good friends and family....

As this also marks the end of our 4th year of full time cruising, here  are the statistics of our cruising life so far.  We have traveled 20,189 nautical miles overall and 5,548 nautical miles this year.... This year we were underway for 99 days and 263 days in port.  Below are the overall numbers for the last 4 years:

We will publish our costs in the next few weeks.  


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