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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Our NEW Solar/Wind Arch....

Last week we went to Niagara Falls to pick up our new hydraulic steering ram and the two scuba compressors we bought when I was sick.  On the way we picked up Shelley's dad's trailer and dropped it off at Klacco Marine in Grimsby.

The next morning on our way home we picked up the arch and delivered it to our home in Cambridge.

Unfortunately, while we were wrestling it into the back yard, the city came along and gave us a parking ticket...  gotta love those guys...

Saturday, November 3, 2012

It Has Been Quite a Month....

Just after my last post I started to become a little unwell...  As most know my back has been giving me all kinds of grief over the last few years.  My solution has been to just take a few more pills and keep going.  It turns out that this was not the brightest solution....  A few weeks ago I started to bleed internally and ended up with a bunch of tubes sticking out of me in hospital...

They seem to have fixed that problem but now I am having to deal with my back problems in a little different way...  This has meant that NOTHING has been done to or for the boat in the last month...

Today however, I asked a bunch of family and friends to meet Shelley and I at the boat this morning and together we got the engine winterized and the boat covered for the winter.  We have decided that all work on the boat will stop until the spring when I am feeling better and we are ready to get her back to the water.

The only big job that did not get completed was the replacement of the steering ram.  We have the part and will try to get it installed as soon as things warm up in the spring.

I have made tentative arrangements with the transport company and the marina to get the boat back in the water in late April or early May (depending on weather).  We also have our name on a few waiting lists for a slip for next summer....  All we need now is a big pile of money!  we are guessing that the shipping and launch will cost around 5-6,000 and slip fees will be around another 3,000...  Wish us luck!

On a happy note, our arch for the back of the boat should be ready this month (November) and our re-certified life raft should be ready before the end of the year.  This winter, Shelley and I will try to make ourselves a new Dodger at home...  This should be an adventure...

More news later.... Cheers!