Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy New Year! Feliz Ano Nuevo !

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What a crazy busy time for us....  Since the week before Christmas, Shelley and I have been helping out our friends, Mike & Margaret... We had an intimate Christmas day with my sister and 40 of our closest friends, both old an new....  Mike & Margaret opened their home and their hearts to all of us as we ate, drank and enjoyed the incredible joy of this season...  

The only way it might have been better would have been if more of our children could have been with us....  Thank goodness for skype and text messaging....

Anyway, we have been doing a ton of scuba diving, helping folks come to love the activity that makes our lives so full... we even put Kelly to work before she left on a snorkel/fishing trip on Mike & Margaret's personal boat, "Winning Ticket".  Together with Pancho and Cheleche, they went to Peurto Aventura for the day and had 6 dolphins follow their wake all the way across....  We would have had pictures, but they were both too busy watching the action...
Kelly at the helm...

Captain Pancho

Kelly and "Winning Ticket"

Its a LONG way up to the fishing flybridge!

Cheleche doing what he does BEST!

I'm surprised that I let her out of my sight!
Sadly, the time came for Kelly to return to Canada....  She was seen off by our wonderful friends, Mayte and Maria Jose...

This week, our brother in law, Denis and his brother and wife (Paul & Fran) arrived for a week in the sun... Shelley took some time with Mike & Margaret to visit the other side of the island...
Paul, Fran & Denis 

Mike & Margaret

Andrea & Mike

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