Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Busy Week, Crazy Weather!

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This week the island experienced another Norte (north wind) and cold temperatures (mid 70's) that caused the port to be closed for a day, On Monday it re-opened with caution where 2 boats (not ours or Papa Hogs) sunk.  One was a snorkeling boat and the other was an open transom dive boat. I am not sure what happened to the snorkeling boat, but the dive boat was apparently stern to wind picking up divers when big wave pooped the deck and sunk the boat in about 40 feet of water....  It has since been recovered and no one was hurt in either incident...

All that said, conditions here in Cozumel have been a little different this week.

On Saturday, before the wind picked up, we moved Blowin' Bubbles into the Caleta (marina).  The officials simply require us to seek permission, in writing, for safe harbor during the bad weather and we do not have to pay anything.  It is sad that they have this BRAND NEW, state of the art marina with no one in it...  We think there is some argument over who is to profit from it, so while they sort that out, the marina is closed and NO ONE uses it unless there is bad weather.

On Sunday, while the port was closed and Shelley and I helped my friend Troy do a little work on his own personal fishing boat called "Myassis Dragon"  I love the name!

He was having some trouble with the sonar, some wiring and a pump...  2 out of the three I was able to fix...  He needs to order a new pump.  The last job was to add some cup holders to his fishing rod holders...  This took both our efforts, but in the end, what a great idea....  It turns out every time he got a bite someone was spilling their drink...  Problem solved....

Shelley is also taking some time to better her Spanish using an online app that teaches all kinds of languages...

This week Shelley saw this t-shirt... she really wants one:

Lastly, our friend, Sabas takes really awesome photos and last week before we put the boat away for the Norte, took a great picture that includes our boat:


  1. That is a really awesome boat you've got there. Great fishing boats can be the stuff of legends, indeed. Just fearlessly sail with that thing, though you should never forget to always proceed with caution. Here's to hoping that you get to enjoy more adventures like that! Cheers!

    Kent Garner @ White's Marine Center

  2. Some of those photos will be classics! Glad you are enjoying your trip!