Wednesday, January 7, 2015

A Few Jobs... DONE!

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Today was a little weird...  there was nothing for me to do, but Shelley was sent on a fishing trip to the mainland....  So at 5 am this morning we got the Winning Ticket off the dock, and on its way to pick up the fishing charter and I was left with nothing to do.

I enlisted the help of Mike Costello and I was able to repair our masthead tri-light and our masthead anchor light...  Those jobs required a trip up the mast in the boson's chair....

With Mike's help all went well and we now have everything working...  
A LONG Way Down!


Another GREAT View!

Mike Costello...  Keeping an eye on me... NOT!

We also fixed our wind direction system that has been pointing in the wrong direction for way too long....

We are having a great day anticipating some horrible weather in the morning.  It looks like there is a Norte (North Wind) heading our way....

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