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Monday, June 18, 2018

Our First Week in Canada

After twenty six hours we arrived in Toronto, Canada from Fiji.  The trip started with a ferry ride, then a taxi, the some airplanes... .


We arrived in Toronto at 0230 am and our youngest daughter, Kelly picked us up and brought us to Cambridge, where the next day we rented a car for the month and set about the task of getting a million things done.

We have seen doctors, bankers, lawyers, and even had time to see a few friends and family...  We so appreciate our good friends, Bruce & Yvonne who have lent us their apartment over the dive shop.... We feel like we have an actual home while we are here...

The first Sunday we were here we visited Trinty United Church and were warmly received as we shared our story aout or Right to Write work.

We have also had a chance to see our children, grandchildren, and friends...

Our granddaughter, Olivia

Our granddaughter, Mackenzie

Our daughter Kristi...

Our grandson, Glen!

Still time for music...

 A party at Bruce & Yvonnes for our dive family....

Our friend, Eleanor

Our daughter, Kelly's Graduation
 Shelley's brother Bob and his wife, Kelly hosted a family and friends party for us!

We will be in Canada for a few more weeks then back to Fiji.....  More soon...

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