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Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Getting ready to go....

We are in our last few days, getting ready to depart from Fiji.  We are planning to head straight for Papau New Guinea.  This should take approximatly 12 days...  We have fully provisioned the boat with both food stuffs and our Right to Write materials...

We are also very happy to say that we have partnered with the Sea Mercy Organization and will be distributing reading glasses along with our school supplies...  This is very exciting!

We found some great coloured pencils and have ordered another 500 pencil cases.  This, along with all the stuff we brought with us from Canada should see us through at least another 500 children.

Notice the packaging (in the bag on the left) is bigger than the pencils themselves!

More soon...

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  1. Great stuff you guys. Be careful in PNG. It is not very safe. And they have crocodiles!