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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Primer..... DONE!

Yesterday, Shelley and I went to the mailbox and picked up the primer. Last night I added an epoxy barrier to the hull wherever I ground too far or in places I wanted more protection...

Today I got the primer coat completed... I used 5 1/2 of the 6 quarts that I purchased... Good guess! I took them into Home Depot and the people in the paint department were kind enough to shake them for me... The heat today was incredible! I had to work really fast as the paint was drying while still in the tray...

Now for the interesting news.... Last night I re-read the instruction sheets for the Trinidad SR bottom paint... In small print on the second page I noticed that as a part of the paint timing instructions, the writer talked about the "maximum" time before launching.... This turned out to be 60 days... Really? Who knew?

On Monday I will call the rep at Trinidad and double check.... If this is true I want to know why you can't leave the painted boat on the hard and I suppose that I will have to paint the bottom just before launching in the spring....

Just for fun...

Here is a picture of the hull taken last spring:

And Today:

Tomorrow I will get to work of the boot stripe....

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