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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

It's Cleanup Time....

Over the last few days after work I have been adding a second coat of Kiwi Grip non-skid. This is the same material that we finished the deck with last summer. The trouble is with all the work done over the last year, the deck was looking pretty beat up... So rather than try to scrub and touch up, I just added a second coat... It is looking much better.

Yesterday, a friend who is a marine surveyor (Leo) came up from Hamilton to officially "survey" the boat.  With this survey we can establish an "agreed value" with our insurance company...  Blowin Bubbles can now be described as an "almost new" 30 year old boat.  In a few days we will get a copy of his report and know what we are going to insure her for.

This coming Monday we will be having a barbecue to say thank you to all the folks who have helped us in one way or another over the last 18 months. Today after work I borrowed my neighbor, Ted's front end loader tractor and cleaned up most of the scrap and garbage that I have accumulated since we started. The mess was loaded into a bin kindly lent to us from a family in our church who own a bin rental company...

The yard is starting to look a little better.....

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