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Monday, August 20, 2012

Adding The Cushions... Yipee!

You know that you are almost done when you put the interior cushions back in and replace books that have been in storage for two years...

On Sunday I also calked around the whole boat between the teak tow-rail and the hull... This should keep everything dry and happy in rough seas...

Today I picked up he storm sail track, a replacement solenoid for the propane system and a few other odds and ends at the mailbox... I am back to work this week so I will be finishing up the list of last things over the next month or so....

Also, it is official, we are having an open house (boat) on Labour Day (Monday, September 3rd) from noon till 4pm... Anyone who wants to see how things turned out are welcome to email us and let us know that you are coming by... We will have some hotdogs, hamburgs and beverages....Cheers...

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