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Thursday, August 23, 2012

The List Is Getting Shorter...

After work today I got the storm track attached to the main mast... While I was working I discovered that some wasps made a home in the spreaders.... Luckily Shelley came by with some wasp killer spray... Well folks, it kinda works and kinda doesn't.... if you acquire a direct hit... death is immanent... however, if your aim is off then you just make them mad.....

I finally got the propane system hooked up... It should now be safe and work well...

I also got the exhaust fan installed in the galley.... The last thing thing I did at the boat today was to install our special hula lady... when the waves are up she hula dances.... How cool is that???

Tonight at home I got started on the dinghy... I added a small bilge pump with an internal float switch that will keep the dinghy bailed out 24/7. I also installed the navigation lights and a new motorcycle battery and a small solar panel to keep it charged....

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