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Monday, August 13, 2012

An Awesome Looking Arch....

Today was an incredibly long day where we drove over 450 kilometers (300 miles) from home to the town where our solar and wind generator arch is being built Klacko Marine ....  To save some money I offered to pick up the unit in its early construction stage and bring it to the boat to be test fitted.  The factory was not that far away, but by the time we went there then back to the house, then to the boat, then back to the factory, then back home.... Well, you get the picture....

Yet at the end of the day I am happy to say we are well on the way to having an awesome looking arch that will take care of many more things than just the solar panels and the wind generator....

This arch will also hold VHF antenna, a GPS antenna, a weather station, the crane that lifts scuba gear and the outboard engine for the dinghy, the barbecue, a fish cleaning table lights that will light up the transom, our Canadian flag halyard, the outboard engine and so on and so on....

Big thanks to my father in law, Ed who loaned me his trailer and came along to help all day.

The trip ended at Fastenal to pick up the mounting hardware for the plate that I will be installing at the aft of the hull near the transom that will become the attachment point for the Jordan Series Drogue that I talked about in an earlier entry... I bought this plate from Klacko

I can't say enough really good things about Doug and his company at this point....  What a great guy to do business with!

While I am blowing the horn for businesses,, the folks a Fastenal here in Cambridge have been pretty awesome too.  If you are ever doing a major project they are willing to set up an account and provide a pretty fair discount if you meet their purchase requirements... (Lets just say I have REALLY surpassed the minimum requirements.....)

That's it for today....

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