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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Re-built Shower.... AMAZING!!!!

A few months ago I "finished" building a new shower stall just off the forward head (bathroom)....  When my brother in law (Denis, who is a flooring/tile guy) saw it he tried to be polite, but clearly he thought the job I did with flooring on the walls, well.... SUCKED!...

Yesterday morning he showed up at my house (he lives in Sudbury, 5 hours away) at 7:30 with coffee and some awesome wall board material called Altro Whiterock.  Together we spent a few hours yesterday and I spent a few more hours today, making the shower stall look AMAZING!....


I also used some of the leftover material to build a shield over all the wiring in the electrical closet to protect everything from getting damaged if something moves...  I also made a cover for the AC connection box...

As soon as we have a day with no rain in the forecast I will get the bottom painted... Then I can start to clean up the boat and get it ready to launch in the spring... I only have a few welding jobs left to finish then we can clean the boat thoroughly and then put some of our stuff away....

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