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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Finished The Grinding/Sanding....

After 4 hours of sanding this morning, I am FINALLY finished getting the old ablative bottom paint off the boat.... Just before lunchtime I put some barrier coat epoxy on the biggest holes and scratches and went home for a few hours..

At 5 pm Shelley and I came back and I used the most expensive epoxy filler in the world to fill the damaged area on the keel... this is an Interlux product that is waterproof and fills big areas...

Oh well, The cost will be worth it if we can keep the metal in the keel from getting damaged....

Tomorrow I will sand and epoxy the small blisters and blemishes...

What I really need is a really small smart person who I can get into the main anchor locker in the bow of the boat to hold a wrench so I can get the bow roller off and repaired and welded....

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