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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Finally Started Vacation!!!

I finally started my summer vacation this week! Today I got out to the boat by 7:00 am before the heat set in for the day...

As I may have mentioned in an earlier post, we (ok Shelley) decided that we needed a new oven/stove. That said, we ordered a new one and today I removed the old one....

Yesterday we went to see our old boat down in Lake Ontario.... The new fellow who owns her had a few questions and wanted us to see how she was looking.... He has done an awesome job keeping SeeShell looking great! He did comment that they almost never use the oven/stove because it is an alcohol stove and quite difficult to operate. We suggested that he might look at our old propane stove from Blowin' Bubbles... Such a deal! if it fits, he will likely purchase her from us....

Other jobs completed today was the curtains in the front windows are now installed and look great.

The last job today was to FINALLY finnish wiring the masts! I now have the P.A. horn, radar, mizzen lights, strobe (for fog), DSC antenna, TV antenna, and the wi-fi antenna all wired into the mizzen and the tri-light (and anchor light), windex, steaming light, fore deck light and VHS antenna all wired into the main mast.... That is a ton of stuff!

Just before I went home I started to epoxy the bottom of the mizzen mast. the guide plate disintegrated when I took the mast apart so I am beginning the process of re-building the pate... a few batches of epoxy should fix it all up...

We will be heading to New Orleans this weekend for our anniversary so won't get any more done on the boat this week... Next week when we get home I will be heading to the boat every morning at sunrise and work until about noon or one o'clock

Last Friday evening I went to the boat and met Doug from Klacko Marine Fabrication. What a great guy! He spent over an hour helping me figure out how to design an arch for the transom (back) of the boat. This week he will work out some pricing and get back to me... He is also going to build me the attachment plates I will need to use the Jordon Series Drogue.

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