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Monday, July 2, 2012

Very Little Done Lately....

Happy Canada Day Weekend!  We had an awesome weekend of weather  which helped us as a country to celebrate us being a great country to live in...  That said, Shelley, Kelly and I all had to work all weekend...
Oh well.  I did get a little done on the boat for a few hours Friday morning.  

A great young man named Ashley, who works for someone in our church and who just happens to be a great welder came to the boat to measure the spot on the engine where I want to mount the watermaker high pressure pump.  He made some measurements and he drew a picture and has gone away to make the needed bracket for the pump...  I was given the task of flipping the bracket on the pump itself....  

We are moving the pump from the right hand side of the engine to the left side for two reasons.  First, where it was on the right, made putting the salon table down impossible as they cut the bracket tube to accommodate it.  We will need to make the table into a bed from time to time so for this reason it had to change.  The second an biggest reason to move the pump is because the impeller housing that pumps sea water to the heat exchanger, was RIGHT BEHIND THE WATERMAKER PUMP!!! Making it IMPOSSIBLE to replace the impeller in the raw water pump without first removing the high pressure pump first... Not the brightest idea in the world...

By placing the watermaker pump on the left side of the engine, it makes putting the table down and changing the impeller EASY!

The last thing I got done was to get the curtains in the main salon almost installed....  I should finish that little job the next time I can get to the boat....

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