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Friday, June 15, 2012

Another Friday.... More Stuff Done, More STuff Un-Done

Today got off to a late start, but I did manage to get a few things done....
I picked up some 7/8" stainless steel screws this week (try that sometime)... they were used to install the inside frames for the pilothouse windows... It was while I was installing them that I noticed that, yet again, there are cracks in the plexi-glass.. Grrrrr...

After some research on the net, we find that we are not alone in this dilemma, it seems that the rapid expansion and contraction of the plexi, causes cracking at the screws.... We will just have to put up with what we have foir now, but I hope before we leave we can find something that we can replace these windows with.... Any ideas are always welcome....

On a happier note, the last cable came this week and I was able to get it installed and then was able to test the radar system. It worked flawlessly!
Oh happy days.... We can now put that stuff all away until we launch next spring.

The last job looked after today was the steaming light is now re-installed on the main mast. I replaced the incandescent lamp with an LED lamp and now hope that will be the end of maintenance for a while...

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