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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Small Jobs...

Last night and today I checked every sail over and re-stiched where nessesary. I also made sail bags for the drifter, and the tri-sail.  Here is the sail Inventory for Blowin' Bubbles:

Main Sail - (with 2 reefs)
Mizzen Sail - (with 1 reef)
Genoa  - (furling headsail- 120%)
Yankee  - (furling headsail - hi-cut)
Drifter - (like a spinaker with a dousing sock)
Staysail - (a light running sail raised on an inner forestay)
Gail Sail - 100 ft2 - (a storm headsail raised over a furled head sail)

I hope that inventory will be sufficient for whatever weather we face.....

I also made a Log Book. It contains  Daily Log Pages, Engine Log, Boat Log, Radio Log, Boat Expenses Logs, Boat Specs and a record of our courtesy flag inventory.

We now have our batteries sorted and inventoried.

 We now have Excel speadsheets for: re-fit costs, vessel consumables, vessel inventory, tool inventory, first-aid inventory, medicine inventory, spare parts inventory & scuba inventory.  These sheets are a lot of work, but when complete finding things on the boat will be real easy.

Last job today was to get everything here at the house ready to go back to the boat.

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