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Thursday, February 28, 2013

More Small Jobs...

Well, winter is still banging away outside our door...  Over the last 24 hours we have received more than 8 inches of heavy, wet snow.  I just hope that this is the end of snow for this year as we look at getting the boat down to the Lake in the next two months....

We got some great news this week.  with the help of some great friends at the Royal Hamilton Yacht Club, we were given our old slip back for 2013!  This means that we will have a great spot to keep the boat and we can re-connect with all the people we got to know over the years we were members.

As for projects, I continue to inventory everything here at the house that will end up on the boat either as a consumable or a fixed asset.  We are using excel spreadsheets to accomplish this and at the moment we have a:
First Aid list
Vessel Consumable Inventory List
Vessel Inventory List
Tool Inventory List
Scuba Inventory List
Spare Parts List
Flag List
Medicine Cabinet List
Ditch Bag List

These lists will certainly take some time to compile, but in the end they should prove useful as we look for food and supplies...

Today I made a cover for our Honda Outboard Engine.  This was the first time I tried to work with elastic.  For a first effort, I think it worked quite well.

I also ordered a sail kit for our Walker Bay dinghy.  We have a hypalon tube kit for the boat already. Now when we are in an anchorage we can run around without our engine... This should be fun!


  1. Hey Kyle, great blog! We used to own a Walker Bay and I've still got the yellow bladder that goes under the center seat. Let me know if you want it and I'll mail it to you!

    Happy Sailing!

    George L.

    1. Thanks George... If you have no use for the bladder, just bring it up with you the next time you or Iko come up... no need to waste money on shipping... Take care, Kyle