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Friday, February 1, 2013

Diesel Polisher.... DONE!

Whoo-Hoo.... I have finally finished building the diesel polisher I set out to find almost 2 years ago...  Today I went to the mailbox and picked up the 12 volt diesel fuel pump...  This afternoon I picked up 5 gallons of diesel fuel and 2 new fuel containers (we will need them anyway) and the last few bits and pieces needed to complete this project...  It started a few weeks ago with my friend Brian, TIG welding the 1/8" aluminum that my father in law, Ed put together.

Tonight I put the last few pieces together and now have this AWESOME fuel polishing system that is designed to either polish fuel from my own tanks (with a special valve and connector permanently installed in my fuel system) or as a siphon pump from another source (e.g. a 45 gallon drum).  Additionally, this system is portable so I can use it on ANY boat...  (Maybe another way to make a few dollars or earn some karma points).

The picture below shows the gear in action, pumping and filtering fuel from one yellow container to the other.  Everything worked perfectly except the gas nozzle that came with the pump.  It seems to be missing the o-ring that should have been with it....  hopefully I can find one...  

Lastly, for storage, the suction and fill hoses can be easily attached and detached for really compact storage.

I also picked up all the running rigging that I had to replace after the mice got to the lines that were stored in the trailer...  and expensive little mouse attack!

Here is the stand that we plan to use to hold the iPad at the nav station that acts as a repeater for the Raymarine Chartplotter/Radar unit at the aft helm..

 We also have a bit of a security issue with the lazarette hatch covers.... At the moment there is no good locking mechanism on that hatch doors. So with a variation of an idea from one of the countless sailing books I have read over the last few years I will create a remote deadbolt system from the aft cabin that is will use these throttle cables to plunge deadbolts in the lazarette....  More on that in the spring...

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