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Monday, February 4, 2013

Sewing Practice....

In an attempt to get some practice sewing with our new sewing machine BEFORE we attempt to make our dodger, I took on 4 projects over the last few days.

The first project was to make a cover for our life raft:  This will protect it from the elements but not interfere with it being deployed if necessary.

The second job was to make 2 covers for our 4 spare fuel tanks.  We have 3, 5 gallon yellow diesel Jerry cans and 1 red one for gasoline.  The covers will again protect the containers from u/v rays and other nasty's...

The third project was to make a satchel for the hoses used with the diesel polisher.

My last project was to make a holder for spare filters for the diesel polisher...

1 comment:

  1. What a professional job on this beautiful fuel polisher Kyle. The satchel is a great idea. I will adapt that for mine, but as my whole assmbly is smaller than yours, I think everything including spare filters will be put in one carying bag. Thanks for ANOTHER project in my brain:( (just kidding, I love cluttering my brain with new ideas)