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Saturday, February 16, 2013

500 DAYS!!!!!

That's right, in just 500 days Shelley and I will be setting sail on our oddessy/adventure. We are getting pretty excited!

In the mean time there are some more projects...  This week I spent a few hours going through our First-Aid kit.  On a boat, far from a hospital we need to be fairly self sufficient, so we have collected quite a good supply of what we think we might need...

Rather than have one huge box, we have decided that a number of smaller containers will work better for us.  The boxes are broken up like this:
Box 1 - sprains, breaks & breathing
Box 2 - bleeding & burns
Box 3 - band aids
Box 4 - wound cleaning
Box 5 - topical medicine
Box 6 - oral medicine - OTC (over the counter)
Box 7 - oral medicine - prescriptions

In addition, we have oxygen on board for a scuba accident.  We also hope (if we can afford it) to purchase a portable automatic defibrillator....

This week I also began the arduous task of inventorying everything on the boat.  There is no bigger time waster in life than looking for where you put something...  It turns out that there are 120 spots on our boat where things "could" be.  Using an excel spreadsheet and a small "look-up" program, I will end up with a master list of everything on the boat and its location.  A big job, but one that will be worth it in the end...

Oh, one last thing...  if you look at the right side of this web page you will see a red bordered box where we list many of the books we think are helpful if you were to want to do something like this...  please use those links if you are interested in some of those books... It turns out that we can make a few cents every time someone follows the link and a few more cents if you buy one of those books from our link.... Happy reading!

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