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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Progress in the Mid Winter Freeze....

Over the last few weeks I have been building a diesel polishing unit. For Some reason, in Canada, this is something that no one ever uses... I got the plans from a fellow who has a unit on his boat... With his design as a guide I have now built a wonderful, compact unit that will not only polish the fuel in my own tanks, but will transfer and/or pump fuel from another container should the need arise...

From the pictures you can see that there are two filters. the first will either strain the fuel (if if is REALLY dirty) or flow through with a 10 micron filter. the second, is a spin-on filter that is also 10 microns... on the other side the 12 volt, 10 GPM pump will be located just below the valves.

The valves are designed to either pump the fuel or filter the fuel, depending on how they are set. The pump itself is ordered and is waiting at our mailbox. We will pick it up at the end of the month...

Thanks to all the people who helped this project come together. If you want a parts list and supplier sheet, just email me and I will send it along...

The other happy event this month was the Toronto Boat Show where Shelley and I picked up a few odds and ends needed for our spring launch... We got 3 blocks from Gaurhauser (really cheap!) and a solar vent for the fwd head and a Hella 2 speed fan for the aft cabin... And of course, a couple of new pairs of Topsiders... you can't ever have enough deck shoes....

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