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Monday, January 7, 2013


That's right folks, Shelley and I will be heading off in our adventure in just 18 months. Our plan this year is to get the boat back down to Lake Ontario as early as possible in April.  I have booked the week after Easter off of work so hopefully the weather and the crane company and the trucking company will all co-operate and we can get the boat to St. Catharines....

Once we are on the hard beside the lake, we need to get all the standing rigging put back together and get the new arch installed with all the bits that go with that. Then we need the lifelines re-installed and we should be ready to go. All that should take about a month or so to complete.

Our plan right now is to dock the boat at the Royal Hamilton Yacht Club.  This is where we were for a few years before we bought Blowin' Bubbles.

On January 15th Shelley and I will be heading to Toronto to attend the annual Toronto Boat Show.

While we don't need many more bits for our boat, we have made a short list of people we want to see while we are there.  We will begin by hopefully picking up our life-raft at Inland Life-Rafts.  They are the people who have had the raft for a little while now and are re-certifying it for us. We were lucky enough to be there when they unpacked it and they inflated it for us so we know exactly what it looks like and what is inside it.  We also sent the folks there some extra supplies that we want put into the raft before it gets packed away.

After picking up the raft we will see a few people at the show.  We need a couple of turning blocks, some rope (we lost some last winter to the mice in the trailer), a man overboard pole and some solar vents.

The two other places we need to talk to are some canvas people to look at the possibility of one of them making our dodger, and a mechanical company who might be able to help us with a noisy shaft coupler.  both of those may end up being too expensive...

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