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Saturday, March 23, 2013

We Have Set A Date!

It looks like we have a tentative date to move the boat back down to Lake Ontario.  April 2nd....  On that day I hope we can get the crane guy, the trucking company, the man with the great big tractor, the truck to move the cradle and the boat yard all together to make this move happen....  What are the odds this will work without a hitch???  The other part will be the horrendous cost to make this happen...  The truck will cost about $3000, the crane about $700, the yard about $1000, and likey another $1000 for things we havn't anticipated....  Oh well, it's only money.....

Today, I spend almost 6 hours at the boat.... the temperature was finally above freezing today so I made the most of this warm?? weather...

The first job was to finish installing the slide bolts to lock the lazarette doors from inside the boat.  This is accomplished with 2 throttle cables and a custom made aluminum plunger and receiver on the lazerette doors...  I am happy to say it is ALL done and the doors lock from inside the aft cabin with 2 knobs on Shelley's side of the bed.  All I have to do now is by the knobs themselves, and we are in business.  I installed the receiver pieces on the door today.  It took a bit of adjustment, but they slide smoothly and the added security will make us much more comfortable.  Basically, to get the lazarette doors open they have to break into the boat, get past the alarm and find the plungers in the aft cabin...  It might not stop a thief, but I'm guessing it will make it difficult enough that they will look for and easier target... Pretty sad when one thinks that way isn't it....

The second job that I completed today was the installation of the filtered water tap in the galley.  We bought it at Canadian Tire and it is designed to take any yukky's out of the water we plan to drink, and it also makes the water smell better...    This unit traps and kills harmful bacteria (coliform such as E. coli); traps cysts (e.g. Cryptosporidium, Giardia); reduces chlorine, taste, odour; and filters sediment, dirt, rust, silt as small as 0.3 micron it is cleanable, reusable ceramic water filter cartridge with activated carbon core lasts approx 12 months. Unique "bypass" faucet allows for easy, no mess cartridge cleanings right in the sink.  So now at the galley sink we have a hot & cold freshwater tap, a seawater hand pump, and the filtered water tap...  A nice set-up.

The last job completed today was to move the freezer to make room for the dive gear we plan to travel with.  We hope to do some Scuba Instruction along the way as we travel, so now we have a collection of 12 various sized BCD's (buoyancy compensator's), 6 reg sets, and 6 tanks (4 80's & 2 60's).  Plus we have a collection of masks, fins, suits and snorkels making a really complete dive setup on board...  And of course, we will be installing the new compressor I put together a few weeks ago.  So today I moved the freezer into the closet where the refrigerator compressor is and installed it on a shelf above the compressor.  It looks like it will get plenty of ventilation...  We are good to go...

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