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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Successful Travels...

After Church on Sunday Shelley, Kelly and I left for Niagara Falls NY. Our plan was to stay over 2 nights so we could bring $800 worth of stuff home to Canada tax and duty free.... From an earlier post you know that we ordered the sail kit for our Walker Bay dinghy.

It was expensive enough to make the money we spent on a hotel for 2 nights worth it and we are now the proud owners of an awesome sail kit! It is simple and it will make the dinghy way more fun in anchorages.

That said, while we were at West Marine, we met Mike, the store manager who was very helpful and knew all kinds of stuff that helped us out... While we were there unfortunately (or fortunately depending on who you ask), we found a neat inflatable kayak... Regularly priced at somewhere over $300, it was on the clearance table for $129.00!!!

An inflatable kayak has been something that Shelley has wanted for a very long time. My argument against it has always been the size and the cost. This thing will fit anywhere and for less than $130, who could argue it was too expensive.... We are now the proud owners of a new kayak....

The other neat thing we now have is a fairly large, homemade dry box. we bought a rechargeable de-humidifier and a resealable container. We have had an electronic humidex in my cigar humidor for many years. Now that I never smoke cigars, we installed it in our box. Now we store sensitive electronics and cameras in a place where they won't get any moisture damage... Cool!

We also got some great family time in and went to see the new Wizard of OZ movie in 3-D and on the second night we went to a bowling ally next door to our hotel and had a ball, bowling for the first time in MANY years.... My last recollection of bowling was after many beers in Cozumel.... nuff said... Our only disappointment might have been that the bowlers on either side of us actually knew what they were doing... pretty scary...

When we got home I worked out the final details for installing our new replacement steering ram. I have ordered the bolt for the rudder end from Fastenal and have now purchased the aluminum and stainless steel from the Metal Supermarket to secure the other end... All I need to find now is a 3/4" drill bit to ream out the hole on the rudder plate.

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