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Monday, March 4, 2013

A New Scuba Compressor Ready to Go.....

,Late last fall we bought two more scuba compressors. Today I combined them to make a nearly new 220volt compressor that will replace the one that is currently on the boat. It also leaves us with a complete spare motor and head. We will now sell an almost new Honda 5 hp gas engine.

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  2. I am going to new air compressor. This compressor is very noise, my wife angry about this. I want to buy compressor vary less than 60db. Do you have a lot of experience, give me your opinions?

    1. Sorry I missed your comment. I hope my reply is not too late. Finding ANY scuba compressor under 60 db is likely impossible... Sorry. Almost all low volume consumer compressors come from the same Italian manufacturer. Usually branded different ways, but essentially the same main components. That said, there are two ways to drive the compressor. Either a gas or Diesel engine or an electric motor. If you have a relatively quiet generator on board (at least 7kw to run a 220vac motor) then that option is slightly less noisy. The good news is that these small compressors can fill an 80 cubic foot scuba cylinder from 500psi to 3000psi in about 20 minutes... So that isn't too bad. We have found that having the compressor on board allows us to dive in places far away from a dive shop so often offer some pretty spectacular dives... Hope this helps... Good luck...

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