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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Getting Scuba Gear Ready....

I have been an Instructor for almost 15 years and Shelley has been a Dive Master for almost 10 years... Together we have logged thousands of dives and love to blow bubbles and see places in the world that very few others get a chance to.....

Thanks to the help of my great friend, Bruce, the owner of Groundhog Divers we are gathering six complete sets of scuba gear to keep on the boat. Today I went through all the gear in the house and gathered together a bunch of stuff including a supply of spare parts and accessories that will be hard to find later.

At the end of the day I discovered that we just need a few more regulators (the breathy bit) and we will be all set to go. And of course, (see previous post) we now have a compressor that will fill the tanks anywhere we need air....

My hope is that we will spend as much time as possible blowing bubbles, exploring some of the most beautiful reef systems in the world ...

This summer while we are shaking down the rest of the boat, we will try to get a little wreck diving in... The Great Lakes have hundreds of wrecks and we will be passing over literally dozens of them so we hope to enjoy some of them...

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