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Friday, March 22, 2013

Steering.... DONE!

Yesterday, I went to Fastenal to buy a replacement nut for the steering unit...  I ordered it and a spare nut and bolt at the same time.  When I went to pick my order up the folks a Fastenal were having big problems with their computer sytem...  After waiting about 10 minutes, the fellow who was looking after me came from his boss' office and said that just because they were having problems, that was no reason for me to waste my day, so they handed me my order and said "have a nice day" and sent me on my way....  Can you believe it?  NOW THAT"S CUSTOMER SERVICE!  Now granted the whole order was only about $10, sending me on my way with the parts I need for free went way further than companies go these days...  Thanks Fastenal!

Today, with a little time with the temperature above freezing I was able to get the steering ram connected and the bracing glued and screwed into place... Whooo Hoo!

I also took some time to update the software and firmware on our Raymarine E9 Multifunction Display...  I think that we have made a good choice with this new equipment from Raymarine...  This unit will work with our iPads so when we are at the pilothouse helm, we can see what is on the E9 at the outside helm...  A very cool system...

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