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Saturday, September 29, 2012

What a Great Day!

As you might have guessed after re-fitting our boat for 18 months we have a few bits and pieces either left over, or left out when we put the boat together.

Today we got up really early and left for Mississauga to participate in the annual Store Mason Bilge & Locker Swap Sale and Chili Cook-off....

After arriving it was clear that we had WAY too much stuff for just one picnic table.... So after paying the princely sum of $60, we unloaded our jeep that was so full that Shelley had to drive there with her head tilted to one side...

We arrived just before 9am for a sale that was to run from 10-2.... As we unloaded the jeep people were picking through the stuff... HOLY ENERGETIC SHOPPERS!

There were people who were clearly skilled at finding the early bargains....

We decided as we drove down that we were operating this day like a Dutch Auction, that is, we set the price for everything last night and as the day progressed we would lower the price until we found someone who would pay for the stuff we were trying to sell... The crowds were pretty steady until about noon.... I have to tell you that after lunch things got pretty cheap... By 1:30 I was almost giving the last few things we had away...

In the end we brought home about 1/3 of what we brought and netted after expenses a little more than $500.... Ain't Life GRAND!

The winner of the chili cook-off was (the chili we liked the best) from The Port Credit Yacht Club...

After a long day it was good to get home... We will try to sell the bits and pieces we still have on Kijiji and eBay... All this stuff MUST go.... Here are pictures of what is left. If there is something you see that you might want (really cheap) let me know at:

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