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Friday, September 14, 2012

Just a few Jobs Today...

Today was a pretty easy day at the boat...  I installed our map above our bed... I think it looks great!

I also put down the new runner in the main salon...

The big job for today was to get a big pile of stuff ready in the trailer for the swap meet next weekend and put the last few things away in the boat... We have quite a pile of stuff to get rid of... We will be having kind of a dutch auction....  As the day goes on we will be lowering the prices on almost everything till its all gone or we give it away....  There are a few items however, that we will sell on Ebay if they don't sell for a reasonable amount...  Things like the stove and the Danforth anchor...

Today I also cleaned the spilled oil up in the bilge...  A few weeks ago I found a gallon of oil under the drip tray which is under the engine...  when I put it upright on the shelf I did not know that it was leaking!  So a week later there was a gallon of oil in the bilge.... Yuk!  I used an old wet vac and got 95% of it then I took a few oil absorbent towels and got the next 4%....  there may be a little left, so I added an oil boom (an oil absorbent log) to the bilge.  The last little bit will be absorbed into that.... (What a mess!)

Then I spent about half an hour trying to get the air out of the steering hydraulic lines.   After I failed miserably I called Bill S and my father in law, Ed, who agreed to come next Thursday morning and help me... I need someone at each helm and someone to bleed the screws on the steering ram....  I will get this thing figured out eventually!

About noon Shelley came and put some more stuff in the galley and inspected the map over our bed (I got an approval), then we went for lunch together... A nice break...

My last job today was to install a fan in the workshop up in the focile....  It will make a real difference on hot days and I am working in that tight little space...  We now have 2 fans in the aft cabin, 1 in the aft head (bathroom), 1 in the galley, 2 in the main salon, 1 in the mid-ship starboard cabin (the dive shop), 2 in the mid-ship port cabin (1 on each bunk), and 1 in the focile (workshop)... 10 fans - that ought to keep the air moving! I wonder if we just aimed them all at the sails..... Oh... never mind....

More later..... :)

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