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Saturday, September 22, 2012

A Few Saturday Jobs....

Not a lot of big jobs done today... Well to be honest, not a lot of energy to do too much. So I did a small job that has waited months...  I put snaps on the propane cover, the generator cover and the windlass cover.  I also put snaps on the boat where they are to attach...  everything worked out ok.

I also switched the anchors...  they can both be deployed and retrieved without interfering with each other..

Then I attached the life raft bracket to the deck with bolts and 3m 5200...

My last job today was to cut out a new frame for the screen that will go where the main entry hatch normally goes on hot days when we are on board...

For a slow day, I guess a fair bit got done...

1 comment:

  1. Kyle & Shelley, I've just read your blog from the beginning and I'm gob-smacked by what you've achieved!

    Blowin' Bubbles looks amazing - and to think it only took two years of back-breaking work ... I hope you have a fantastic time shaking her down next summer - and I heartily recommend the waters around Waupoos for the purpose.

    I hope you'll keep blogging. This is fascinating stuff.