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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Re-Loading the Boat...

We are starting to get things back on the boat..... We now have a LOAD of storm gear including but not limited to the Jordan Series Drogue, a 6' parachute anchor, a gale sail, a storm tri-sail... All this stuff and a prayer that we never have to use it....

Yesterday, I picked up the Si-Tec AIS unit that we bought from Defender. They offered this $800 class B transponder for less than $500. An AIS is a unit that tells us what other AIS equipped vessels are doing, who they are and their speed and direction. It integrates with both our Raymarine chartplotter/radar and our NavSim chartplotter software on our PC. This unit ALSO transmits our info. This system is the most amazing gear available today.
Originally we were not going to purchase this stuff but the price was right and lets face it, when it comes to safety we really can't afford to scrimp.... Can we?

The last job done today was to touch up some accent paint and wrap the masts ready to ship back to the lake next spring...

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