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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Little Jobs at Home...

Over the last week or so we have focused on a few jobs at home. First we made some new cushions to replace the the grungy old ones... for a first effort with our new sewing machine, I think we did ok....

Tonight we bought a piece of 25 x 54 1/4" plywood, some 1/8" cork material, some spray adhesive and some batting... Why You ask?

A few weeks ago we found a fabric map of the world in England and bought some and had it sent to our home in Canada. I arrived this week.

Here is what we ended up with:

We will now attach this above our bed and use it to track our journey around the world...

Kinda cool eh?

We also, bought a runner from Walmart to put over the engine hatch in the main salon....

This Friday I will try to put it all together....

Today we went to the mailbox and picked up our tarp that we will use to cover the boat this winter... In the next few weeks we will get that put on the boat then wait for spring... :( :(

This week we rented a table at The Store Mason's annual SWAP sale... For $30 we get a table and we will try to sell the leftover stuff from our re-fit...  This sale takes place on September 29th in Port Credit, Ontario... Come by if you are looking for some spare parts...

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