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Friday, October 5, 2012

If It Weren't for Bad Luck....

Have you ever had a day when you decided afterwards that you would have been better off staying in bed..... After days of trying we have now discovered a couple of things with the steering on the boat... The $79 ram at Princess Auto is what they call an unbalanced ram, which like me, means it will not work to steer the boat... Not only that, when I installed it, I turned the wheel of the lower helm and oil just gushed everywhere from the rear seal...

So now it means that I had to find a balanced ram... After all kinds of mis-adventure I have finally found one at Redden Marine in Washington State....
with shipping it will cost just under $900.... That is a big expense we were not counting on... But like most people have said, better for it to go now than when we were 200 miles from shore in a storm....(I know the picture says $984, but they sold it to me for $850 plus shipping)

I really tried hard to buy one in Canada but even though this Teleflex steering ram is made in Richmond BC, it costs almost $1200 to buy in Canada... Crazy eh?

Hopefully, it will be at the mail box next week and we can get it installed before the weather gets too cold....

This week I had to work on Friday so nothing else got done.. Maybe I can spend some time tomorrow (Saturday)...

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