Saturday, April 7, 2012

Ceilings are looking GREAT!!!!

Our brother-in-law Denis came all the way down from Sudbury today to install the headliner material in the 2 mid-ship cabins and the aft cabin.... WOW! does it look great.  My father-in-law was also there to help, so the work went really quick....  Now we can trim the area out and add the wiring channel to the Centre of the ceiling in the aft cabin and then get those rooms DONE!

Next Friday, Ed and I will tackle those jobs...

Over the last week whenever I have had a few minutes I have been plugging away at re-installing the main traveller.  I am happy to say that it is now DONE!

I also got  the compressor removed and I am going to switch it out for the other one that I bought....

Ever so slowly things are beginning to come back together...  And the weather is warming up which really helps....

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