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Saturday, April 14, 2012


Wow... 2 posts in one day...  But here is the great news....  After supper tonight I was feeling sore and sorry for myself as Shelley was at work and Kelly was out with a new boy who is sniffing around her....  Thus not a very happy camper...  Anyway, I was just getting ready to lay down and watch some TV when I wondered what my neighbour and friend, Clayton was up to...  I phoned and it turned out he wasn't doing anything and yes, he would be happy to help me take our mattresses and stuff out to the boat....

So we loaded up his pickup truck with the 3 mattresses, the freezer and the washing machine and off we went to the boat....

I had assumed that we would have to trim the mattresses to make them fit so I brought a big electric carving knife with us....  when we put them in we found that they fit PERFECTLY!!!  no trimming needed... and everything looks GREAT!

What an awesome day!

On the way home I realized that we could actually get the boat finished in the next month or so and that we "could" put it back in the water this year...  The down side to all of that is that we would then have to come up with dock fees and storage fees to the tune of almost $6000 per year for 2 years...  Then another $4000 to get the boat back to the lake...  We will really have to think about this one...  If we leave everything at the farm till next spring we will save the $6000 for dockage and storage for this year....  that is a pretty hefty pile of money...  Something to think about....

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