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Friday, April 27, 2012

Another Busy Friday...

 Today I worked on the boat alone... A long day but pretty successful over-all...  I started by vacuuming for about an hour and a half.  Yesterday we bought a new shop-vac because we needed to pick up a bunch of sanding dust and our old ones quit working...  Once I got all  main cabin cleaned up I painted the ceiling and the front dash under the windows...  It looks pretty good but it will need one more coat.

After painting I worked for a few hours in the trailer figuring out what needs to go back on the boat...  As I was going through some of the plastic bins I found a nest of mice who have eaten through my BRAND NEW JIB SHEETS!  They couldn't have eaten the old ones... NOOOOO... they had to eat the brand new ones... grrrrr... Oh well, we will find some new ones when we can,

I have now hung the lines on nails on the walls of the trailer until I can get them back on the boat.  I have also now got a bunch of stuff organized to go back on the boat the next time I get a chance.

On Tuesday, a man from K-W Glass will be coming by to re-seal the hatches that are leaking....

When I got home Shelley made supper then we went out to buy material for new curtains for the main salon.  She and Kelly chose some beautiful material.  When we got home we cut out and hemmed them and the will go in when the painting is finished...  A really good day...

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