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Friday, April 13, 2012

Aft Cabin.....DONE!!!!!!

Finally after more than one year there is something on this boat COMPLETELY FINISHED!!!!!  Yes, that right, Ed and I put the last of the aft cabin back together today....

In the next few day I hope we can get the new mattress out of our living room and into the aft cabin....  I also hope I can get the midship cabin done so I can get those mattresses out there too....

After Ed left at 1pm, I got half of the shower grouted before I ran out of grout....  I will have to get some more tomorrow.... then I got a bunch more little wiring jobs finished up...  About 6pm, my back gave out and I gave up for the night... Tomorrow I hope I can get a little more done...

Also today another friend from church dropped by and is going to get me prices on spare engine parts for our Perkins diesel engine...  I hope that we can afford to carry a bunch of spare parts....  I went through a box labeled "engine parts" with him and found a fuel pump, a water pump, a fuel injector and a few other miscellaneous odds and ends....   Who knew I had these parts??

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