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Saturday, March 17, 2012

A Great Saturday!

This morning I arrived at the boat and there was quite a bit of fog...  Not to be discouraged, I knew that a friend Gary, from church was coming by today who just happened to a plumber....  Just the kind of friend I was looking for...

I laid out all the toilets and accessories and we got started...

A little while later we heard someone boarding the boat, and found that Bill had come by with a trailer full of scaffolding. He was there to figure out a way to get the diesel generator from the trailer to the lazerette...

Within an hour, the generator was in the lazerette and Bill was busy wiring it in.  Gary and I spent the rest of the day getting about half of the plumbing done...  The aft head (toilet) is now complete and we have run the waste line from the aft head to the holding tank.

All that is left is to install the forward head (toilet), connect both waste lines to the holding tank, and install the maserator...  When this is all done the waste system on the boat will be "legal" for the for the Great Lakes and any other inland waterway...  Plus we will have the option when off shore to handle our own waste disposal...


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