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Saturday, March 24, 2012

A Busy Saturday...

My father-in-law (Ed) came to the house a little after 8 this morning.  Together we went to the boat and got in a full day...

Dad finished the panels for the aft cabin and did about half a dozen other small carpentry jobs including some shelves for the utility room where the scuba compressor will be.

Speaking of scuba compressor, today I ran the compressor and everything worked great.  As soon as I have a muffler for the generator I will try to fill a tank completely.  Today though, I just ran the system pressure to 2000 psi and everything worked great!  At least we know it works!

Today Gary came back and finished the plumbing!!!  That's right - There is one job COMPLETELY FINISHED!!! Whoo-hoo...

I putzed around with a number of small jobs, including the installation of the chart drawers, the new helm seat, and put the lower helm back together...

Tonight when I got home I covered the panels that dad made today with some marine vinyl... They are looking great.  As soon as the headline carpet gets installed we can finish putting the aft cabin back together...

All in all a great day!

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