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Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Binnacle Is Back....

Friday was a very productive day... My friends, Dave and Bill came by and gave of themselves and their talents... Bill took care of the installation of the pump that will water cool the refrigeration unit. He did an awesome job...

Dave helped me and together we re-installed the binnacle... this was a big job, but after a couple of hours we succeeded in getting it back where it belongs and got the hydraulic hoses re-connected. We will now wait for a warmer day to fill and purge to hydraulic steering system.... The people at the Fluid Power House were able to extend the banjo fittings on the aft helm steering unit so the line now can travel under the deck on the ceiling of the aft cabin instead of through a wooden tee-pee contraption on the deck and under foot every time you stand at the helm.... I'm thinkin' it looks pretty good.

The wind instruments came today and I will try to get them installed in the next week or so. I need to build a bracket for the one that will be at the nav station helm and re-cut the hole for the one that will be at the aft helm...

I also measured the booms today so this weekend I am ordering the "Mack Packs" for the main and the mizzen. On Friday I also ordered the headliner carpet for the aft cabin after getting approval from the boss (Shelley) to use carpet on the ceiling of our aft cabin.

I ended the day by making some aluminum tracks that will go along the ceiling of the aft cabin.  Inside this track I will hide the 3 hydraulic lines and all the wires that travel to the binnacle and the helm... they should look great when they are installed. I also made an aluminum bracket for the wind instrument that will be at the nav station helm.  All in all... a great couple of days...

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