Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Today reminds me why I love life so much!  Not too cold... Not too hot...   and just the right amount of SUNSHINE!

Today dad and I spent a few hours working at the boat...  Dad got some more work done on the aft cabin and I wired in the engine alarms, the refrigeration unit, the wind generator...etc...etc...  Lots done, but not much to show...

I did start the engine today and it started after just a second... not bad for sitting all winter.... I also pulled the inspection plate off the impeller and found the impeller looking just great....  The bad news is that when I do have to change the impeller I will have to remove the whole pump to get at the impeller...  I miss the impeller on the Catalina.... 4 screws and you are done....  oh well.....

Tonight Shelley and I picked up the fuel line and the fittings that I need to finish installing the generator...  A GREAT sunny day!

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