Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Last Sail Cover....

Yesterday I finished installing the mizzen sail and it's sail cover...  We are officially ready to go sailing!
We just need some time off and time together to do that... It seems like Shelley has hours at her part time job every day lately and weekends together seem to be out of the question...  So I guess I will have to settle for getting some small jobs done while I wait for our vacation time this year when we plan to sail up through the Thousand Islands and the St. Lawrence River.

Here is the installation of the final sail & cover:

Here are some pictures of our interior shot with our new Go-Pro camera:
The aft Cabin:

 Aft head:
 Nav. station & lower helm:
 Main salon: (Note the admiral with her glass of wine)
 Starboard Cabin (mid-ship - scuba shop / storage):
 Port Cabin (mid-ship):
 Fwd shower:
 Forward head:

 Foc'cle (workshop)
 Main salon (with table down):

So there you go, Blowin' Bubbles, ready to go....  Now we just need to finish up our responsibilities here, then we can set sail for whatever we find out there.....

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