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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

My Wife is Really Smart!!

It's true... The other day when we were working at the boat she noticed behind the open door of the workshop, there were two towel bars built into a recess. They are really strong and meant also to be used as a handhold...

We had no intention of using them for towels or a handhold, so she wondered if we added a length of bungee cord, maybe we could use the space as a place to store canned goods....
With a little effort and about 30 continuous feet of bungee chord, we now have this awesome storage space that holds approximately 50 cans!

We also had a problem with the depth gauge this weekend and tried to use our Go Pro Camera to check the sensor...  A great idea except the bay where we keep the boat was so filthy that we were unable to see even inches in front of the camera!  It turned out to be a bad wire, so all is well...  However, SOMETHING has to be done about the Hamilton/Burlington Bay.... what a cesspool!.

Our weekend ended with a nice barbecue and catching up with old and new dock friends...

Today we found some great storage containers for our DVD movie collection. For the last 10 years we have been collecting DVDs and now have more than 1000 titles. These include many TV series that we have never watched. When we start cruising we hope to begin to watch these movies and TV series over the years that we travel... The DVDs themselves have been removed from their cases and are in paper sleeves and take up very little room. We are not avid TV watchers, but we decided that while we have funds we could save up a great collection to watch when we need to be very careful with our funds.... Our rule has always been, NEVER to spend more than $5 for a movie and never more then $10 for a TV season... So far we have been successful!

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