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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A Few Last Jobs Before We Can Leave...

Over the last few days we got the last few projects done, then after such a long time, we re-launched Blowin' Bubbles!  The good news is that she is still floating....  The bad news is that we almost lost her....  As the boat was lowered into the water I heard water rushing in...  After a few minutes of frantic searching which included ripping up all the floors, I found an old rusted out fitting UNDER the forward head (bathroom).  When I replaced all the plumbing, I left any drain hose that looked to be in good shape.  I had no way of knowing that someone in the past had made this connection in a place you could NEVER access....  After shutting the sea-cock and changing the hose, all was well...

Here is the actual launch:

Then we stepped the masts:

The last job was to get the masts re-wired and the stern arch wired...

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  1. Water rushing in.....I think my heart would have stopped glad it went well.