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Saturday, May 18, 2013

First Sleep on the Boat Together...

Last night Shelley and I stayed on the boat together for the first time since the re-fit... It was a little cool, but a great night... This morning we cut the material for our new dodger then Shelley went to work... I stayed and got a few more jobs done... With Mike D's help we replaced the for deck light which mysteriously died since we launched... It was working right after he launch but its seems to have died since then...

Today I also got a few other small jobs completed including a 0 gauge wire with a stainless steel and lead weight attached to a main mast shroud and ready to go overboard in a lightning storm...

Tomorrow after work we hope to get off the dock for a night and find someplace close to stay on the hook till Monday or Tuesday....

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  1. Thanks for the comment Kyle. One small problem with the polisher, I put the electrical box with the on/off switch and inline fuse to the left of the pump. I have to relocate it above the pump so as not to interfere with the filter changes. BTW, my fuel is filthy. Ran out of filters after tranfering 12 gallon into jerry cans. I am using a 10 micron particular filter then the $$$ 2 micron racor fuel/water separator.