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Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Windows Are FOUND!!!

I have to say that even though the new windows for the boat got lost in shipping, the efforts of Mike (the claims manager) at Maritime-Ontario freight was unbelievable!  He was like a bulldog.  Here I am a once only customer who in the grand scheme of things doesn't even cause a blip on the screen of freight life, he NEVER gave up searching for my lost skid...  It was finally found in Moncton, New Brunswick and I went to Brampton yesterday (Friday) where he personally took the time to get them loaded into my Jeep.

So off I went and last night and today I got them installed:
 This is how things ended on Friday night:

 This is what they look like at the end of the day (Saturday):

Tomorrow I will give it one last sanding and paint the front of the pilot house and we will be the proud owners of great looking new windows....

I need to say THANK YOU to the folks at Bomon in Laval Quebec as well, for all their effort and kindness through all of this...  Hopefully, production wasn't too far along and they can stop production on the new windows....

One last project completed yesterday was the instalation of a Hummingbird Fishfinder/depth guage.  After our depthguage crapped out last week, Shelley decided we should have a backup depth guage, so she went to work and found this great unit for a very reasonable price...  It only took about 4 hours to install...

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